General introduction

VINABECO is a company operating in the field of training, consulting and technology transfer in the field of food beverages. With the active cooperation of leading Vietnamese and international experts in technology, automatic control systems integration and quality management, production management, especially with more than 10 years experience in the field VINABECO has provided training courses and practical technology solutions to many of the breweries in Vietnam, providing consultancy, design, project management and technology transfer for many breweries in Vietnam.

Currently, VINABECO is organizing training courses on “Sensory Analysis Technique” which is very interested in the beer industry conducted by leading experts and trainers.

Vice Rector of Hanoi University of Technology and Head of Department of Quality Management; TS. Tu Viet Phu an expert in sensory analysis technology and Mr. To Viet, an international taste tester, has been giving sensory training to many universities as well as to food producers and traders abroad. The courses have equipped the trainees with solid knowledge of basic sensory analysis so that they can take the initiative in evaluating and controlling the sensory quality of the products, one of the quality factors. The importance of food products. Specifically, sensory analysis methods are used in quality control such as: Differential test and Descriptive test, Test for composite quality of beer according to Vietnamese standards. In addition, technical support units in the establishment and maintenance of sensory assemblies are also specially guided.

In 2005, Le Viet Thang was honored to receive the Ho Chi Minh Prize for science and technology under the theme: “Research, application and development of mechanical technology – Automation in the processing industry of agricultural products, food”. In 2007, Le Viet Thang participated in the book “Science and Technology on Malt and Beer”. He graduated with a Master’s degree in 2006 and is planning to be Ph.D. in food and beverage industry in 2014.

MSc. Le Viet Thang has served as Deputy General Director of POLYCO Group for many years. POLYCO is one of the leading corporations in designing, manufacturing and installing Beer, Alcohol, Alcohols, Milk, Foodstuffs …, Director of Ha Thanh Brewery, Managing Director of dozens of projects. Construction of beer factory under SABECO, HABECO, HUDA, VIET HA, HALICO, BINH TAY and MSc. Thang is the Director of Alpha Energy & Environment Mechanical Joint Stock Company – Company specializing in design, manufacture, supply spare parts and equipment maintenance for plants such as beverages, Beer, Wine,  Seafood in Vietnam. At present, Le Viet Thang is the CEO of VINABECO, who continues to lead VINABECO in the direction of training, consulting the project, supplying raw materials and chemicals for food sensory analysis of famous brands in the world such as Flavor-Activ, Aroxa To improve the activities of food factories, beer, alcohol beverage Vietnam. You are anxious and willing to devote the best knowledge of the best solutions for Vietnam’s food and beverage industry, VINABECO promises to develop strongly in the future.


Gives the customer the solution package, overall quality, progress and cost optimization investment.

The vision

Became unit design, manufacture and supply of technical assistance in the field of food chains-top drinks in Vietnam.

Business philosophy

At Vinabeco, we take our business philosophy as the foundation for sustainable development, not only as a measure of business ethics, but also as a guideline for our business activities.

Our business philosophy is:

–  “Talk the talk, Walk the talk” with a bright clear mind.
– Nonstop learning, self criticism, creative developing and renovating of people.
– Master the world’s modern technology to apply consistent and optimized for Vietnam economy.
– Always try to bring out the reputable, quickly, optimize the investment expenditures for customers.
– Combined, the tight interaction of services constitute the most optimized supply chain for customers.

Vinabeco is proud of following strengths:

1. Our expert team, Vietnam’s leading engineers.
2. The equipment, materials and accessories imported genuine exclusive.
3. Professional workflow, ensuring the best quality, time.