General introduction


VinaBeco – Viet Nam Beer Alcohol And Beverage Technology Corporation was established in 2010 with the goal of bringing new and advanced technology solutions to the world, contributing to promoting the development goals for factories operating in the fields of beer, wine, beverage and food industry in Vietnam.

Since the very first day of establishment, VinaBeco has been operating in the fields of training, consulting and technology transfer for food and beverage production. By 2012, VinaBeco officially went into operation providing Sensory tasting training services; successfully implementing the Sensory evaluation training course for breweries under SABECO and HABECO, thereby building prestige and reliability in the Vietnamese beverage market in service provision, marking the first milestone for the company’s 10-year journey of operation and development.

C.E.O Le Viet Thang – Chairman of the Board of Management of VinaBeco

Business philosophy is the foundation of business development

VinaBeco takes the business philosophy as the foundation for sustainable development, closely combining and interacting with services to form the most optimized supply chain for customers, affirming its position, prestige and responsibility in production and business activities of the company.

“Walk the talk, do by heart and with honest heart”

Currently, VinaBeco is providing a variety of products and services such as:

– Service: Sensory tasting training

– Raw materials for beer production: Enzymes, Yeast, filter aids, Houblon flowers, Malt, food additives, box glue, label glue…

– Types of industrial chemicals used in beverage and food factories: Chemicals for industrial cleaning – hygiene – disinfection …

VinaBeco has become a reliable partner as the exclusive distributor of famous suppliers of ingredients, additives and chemicals for the beverage and food processing industries in the world such as: Filter aids (Showa); Industrial cleaning chemicals (Kersia Sopura); Barley malt (Joe White); Enzymes (IFF-Danisco); houblon flowers and essential oils (Crosby Hop Farm – Total natural); Silicagel-PVPP (Stabifix); box glue, label glue (Tex Year), Sensory smell and Yeast (Cara)…

“Think food & beverage, think VinaBeco!”.  

With its capacity, experience and dedication to the profession, VinaBeco has affirmed its position in the Vietnamese beverage industry. VinaBeco’s customers are spread all over the country, that is the system of breweries of Heineken, Sabeco, Habeco; other major customers such as: Carlsberg, Vinamilk, Tan Hiep Phat, Masan, Lavie, TH true milk, Quang Ngai Sugar, Dung Quat Beer, Viet Ha Beer, Ha Long Beer…

Reaching the aspiration for sustainable development

Affirming its achievements, in June 2022, VinaBeco officially moved the company’s headquarters to a new location in Cau Buou New Urban Area with an area of 750m² right near the center of Hanoi capital. This is the mark of 10 years of continuous innovation and development of the company.

VINABECO’s leadership and staff at the company’s headquarters.

Towards a spacious, modern, professional, dynamic and creative working environment, applying a worthy remuneration regime, training and self-training young talents combined with special preferential policies for senior experts at home and abroad, VinaBeco together with Doctors, Masters, Talented engineers, Bachelors, skilled technicians. With a strong human resources team with the participation of all leaders and employees of the company. C.E.O Le Viet Thang – the Chairman of Board of Management of VinaBeco shared: “In order to lead VinaBeco to its current success, in the process of establishment, operation and development, there were many difficulties. However, when starting any job, you must first be passionate, enthusiastic and always act diligently with increasingly advanced goals set out. It is those tireless efforts that have brought many achievements to VinaBeco as it is today.”

VinaBeco always keeps in mind: constantly learning, researching and approaching the world’s most modern technology from major fairs such as Drinktec-Munich, Propack, ChinaBrew… applied to the Vietnamese market from which to have solutions for raw materials, equipment and technology to contribute to improving productivity and product quality for food and beverage factories, meeting the increasing demands of customers. But the cost is more optimal while the device remains the same, meaning no additional costs are incurred, even more economical.

Referring to VinaBeco, it is impossible not to mention AlphaGroup – the two “born children” of young businessman Le Viet Thang born into a family of Cultural Entrepreneurs recognized by UNESCO. AlphaGroup is an M&E general contractor, specializing in providing maintenance equipment, services, replacement, renovation and upgrading for food and beverage factories, up to now, it has become a large multi-industry corporation with a team of experienced personnel through design, manufacture and construction of most breweries in Vietnam and with member companies such as: SWIDE, NTE…

The above services are closely linked, inherited and supported, not only helping to increase the competitiveness of AlphaGroup & VinaBeco but also bringing efficiency and outstanding quality to customers and partners, especially in the food and beverage industry.

After 12 years of establishment and development, VinaBeco and Alphagroup will continue to step up to new milestones and achievements in the future towards the aspiration to become a strong launch pad to contribute to Vietnamese beverage enterprises to reach new heights.