Experimental training program to build lager beer profile

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Ask the students

To participate in this training, participants must meet and meet the requirements of the course “Experienced Experimental Tasting Lager Beer Quality”.

Training course: “Lager beer expert training”

The training program “Experienced Experimental Tasting Lager Beer Profiles” is organized for 5 days of continuous training:

The training is organized for up to 25 participants.
The training aims to help students:
1. Have background knowledge of the taste of beer
2. Increase the number of recognizable flavors to 34
3. Spot the intensity of each odor separately in the beer
4. The profile of the flavor of the beer can be described by giving the intensity of each odor in the encoded sample.

. The training is specifically designed based on the quality characteristics of the beer products of the unit with the training content built from more than 20 training methods and training available.
. Highly practical training with more than 200 samples of beer tasted by students throughout the course. The course consists of 20 test modules, with a duration of approximately 90 minutes per session.
. Each practice module includes a blinded test. The results of the modules will provide a comprehensive overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each student as well as the whole board on each specific taste.
. The training methodology allows for the monitoring, evaluation, feedback and active counseling on each participant’s cognitive ability. Each participant will receive a full report of his / her evaluation results in each module and throughout the course so that they will have the most effective training in the next training.
. In addition to being highly effective, our training course is also highly appreciated by our students. In each training session, each of our trainees will evaluate aspects of the training using a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). Over the past 12 months, we have trained over 500 professional tasting experts. Summarize the results of the general assessment of the trainees with our training course shown on the chart. The average score of 4.9 shows the high satisfaction of students with the training.
. Students who complete the course will receive the AROXA® international certificate.
. Candidates who complete the course will be invited to participate in the “Beer Tasting Experts” held annually by . Cara Technology and VinaBeco. This is an opportunity for students to test and improve their taste and taste. . . . Certified by AROXA® international certification.
. Within two months of the end of the course, experts from Cara Technology and VinaBeco will provide practical and advisory services at the units that have sent participants to the course. The team will work directly with the .Technical and Quality Assurance Department, provide technical support, share experiences and advise on the quality issues encountered through taste testing of the unit’s products.

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